To The Rescue: GROWL


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Location: No physical shelter; animals are fostered in private homes until adopted into forever homes, most of which are in NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Year established: 2007

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 5 volunteers, 3 to 5 foster homes at a time.

Types of animal they work with: Special needs and senior dogs.

Fundraising initiatives: “Senior dogs require a lot of medical attention so we are always doing fundraisers for expenses,” says founder Dawn Pennington. “We are also hoping in the near future to have an actual facility in which we can house more sanctuary and long term animals.”

Favorite rescue story: “Britt is my first rescue, and my personal dog. He was rescued from South Carolina in 2000 and is now almost 18 years old.” Another amazing success story involves a dog name Jet. “He was rescued from the runways of Newark airport. He had been shot and was dragging a chain and a huge collar. He was emaciated, and bullet fragments were lodged in the rear of his body.” With lots of care and love, Jet recovered from the abuse and now has a loving forever home in Bayonne.

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