To the Rescue: Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

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Location: Mount Juliet, TN

Year established: 2012

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: No paid staff, 58 dogs currently in foster
homes, many volunteers

Types of animal they work with: Super senior dogs, mostly ten years and over
Fundraising projects: “We are starting a huge fundraising push beginning with our Dog
Art For Old Friends Event, an auction of decorated dog statues made by artists and
celebrities from Nashville, across the US and world,” says president and co-founder, Zina

“The funds from this and other efforts will go toward purchasing a home and property
adjacent to our sanctuary. This will give us an intake and evaluation area, additional
housing for dogs needing individual accommodations, volunteer areas, a place to hold
onsite workshops, etc.”

Favorite rescue story: “Our favorite will always be that of Lucy-Lu, the face of OFSDS.
Although she came to us nearly two years before we officially started the sanctuary, she
was our true inspiration for founding a senior dog rescue.

“She was rescued in 2010 from a situation of severe neglect. Lucy-Lu was underweight, her
back was swayed from being in a tiny cage, and she had a serious bladder infection. She
was not expected to survive, especially as she was estimated to be around ten years old, but
with care she pulled through.

“You might think Lucy-Lu would have issues, but in the years she lived with us, she never
growled or showed her teeth, and she loved the other dogs.”

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