Top Dogs for Landing a Hot Date

When people ask how my boyfriend and I got together, we say it was my dog that did it,” says Tiffany. “I used to walk my golden, Max, in the park and one day stopped to chat to this good-looking guy. I’m wary when meeting someone for the first time, but when Sam knelt down in the snow to talk to my dog and scratch his ears, I knew he was okay.”

The two continued to meet on their walks and Sam often brought treats or toys for Max. It got so that the dog loved to see Sam coming because he knew he was going to get lots of attention. So when Sam finally asked Tiffany out on a date, she said yes, and the rest is history.

Most dog lovers know that taking your pooch along when you’re out somewhere is a great way to break the ice with people and get an interesting conversation going, especially if the other person also likes dogs. Even people who are shy and tongue-tied with strangers often open up and relax more when they meet a friendly canine. But did you also know that certain breeds could ratchet up your chances of landing a date? A recent poll by Klooff involved asking 1,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 33 – some of whom were dog guardians and some not – how they would rank potential dates by the dogs they have.

Here are the results:

Top five breeds that made women more attractive:

1. Beagle

2. Poodle

3. Chihuahua

4. Labrador retriever

5. Golden retriever

Interestingly, although Chihuahuas rank high on the list, most men in the study thought a woman with this particular breed is more likely to be “dumb”. Meanwhile, gals with goldens are much more likely to be regarded as girlfriend material.

Top five breeds that made men more attractive:

1. French bulldog

2. Siberian husky

3. Labrador retriever

4. Golden retriever

5. German shepherd

Woman in the study were ten times more likely to see a man with a pit bull as “slimy” or “sketchy” when compared to a man with a Siberian husky. (It seems the unfortunate stereotype attached to pit bulls also has repercussions when it comes to finding a mate.) Women were over ten times more likely to regard a man with a golden retriever as marriage or boyfriend material, as opposed to a man with a pit bull.

None of this means you should go out and adopt one of these breeds simply because you’re desperate for a partner. The dog you choose to share your life with should be the right one for you – and you alone. But if you already have one of these breeds…well, perhaps your chances of finding true love are that much better!

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