Training Service Dogs

service dogs

Canines can be more than companions; every year, thousands are people are helped by service dogs who offer support for people with disabilities, veterans with PTSD, and people who are visually or hearing impaired. Is there really any better therapy than the love from a dog?

Service dogs have a lot of love to give, but proper training is required. The people who train service dogs have an important role and spend years acquiring the proper training credentials. At Bergin University of Canine Studies is the only university in the United States that offers degrees in service dog training. Students can earn degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The university recently partnered with in order to live-stream training sessions via explore cameras. Anyone can catch a view of the work that goes into training the Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers to be qualified service canines. If you’d like to catch the trainers and dogs in action, check them out here.

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