Treating Health Problems With Nutrients


Treating diet-related health problems in his patients prompted this veterinarian to develop a product that fills the nutritional gap generated by commercial pet foods.

In the course of his 40+ year career, Dr. Collett noticed that the same animals kept coming back to him with chronic and recurring health issues. “He realized these health issues were due to a lack of raw, whole, fresh nutrient-dense ingredients in commercially processed foods,” says Nate Armstrong, V.P. Chief Operations Officer for Designing Health (, the company Dr. Collett founded in 1994 to address the deficiencies he was seeing in his patients’ diets. “When I discovered that commercial foods were missing essential nutrients leading to chronic health problems, I knew I had to do something about it,” adds Dr. Collett.

“Even though the commercial foods were stamped as complete and balanced, Dr. Collett’s testing proved otherwise,” says Nate. “All the enzymes and natural vitamins were destroyed in processing and pets were getting 20 times more Omega 6 than they needed, putting them in a pro-disease state.”

Dr. Collett put in years of research and development to come up with a product that would solve the dietary issues his patients were suffering from. The result was a formulation appropriately named Missing Link. “It’s a complete line of highly concentrated premium quality food supplements for dogs, cats, birds and horses,” says Nate. “The products bridge the nutritional gap between commercially processed foods and what animals would eat in the wild. It’s all done with whole foods and food concentrates that provide essential nutrients, natural vitamins and minerals, along with a balance of Omega 3 and 6 not found in commercial foods.” Along with its foundational health blends, the Missing Link line also includes formulations for puppy health and canine joint and skin problems.

One of Designing Health’s goals is to educate people about animal nutrition. “We actively engage our customers on our blog, Facebook and Twitter social networks, and are very excited about our new educational brochures,” says Nate. “We are also working to launch a new website community that will engage our customers and offer tips and tricks to maintain a healthier animal naturally.” There’s even an “Ask The Vet” feature on the website that allows you to ask Dr. Collett, or fellow veterinarian Dr. Gary Clemons, questions about your companion’s health. “We also support animal rescues across the country and our products are widely used in zoos,” adds Nate.

Based in Valencia, California, Designing Health will soon be 20 years old. And according to Nate, their love for what they do is as strong as ever. “We have a passion for promoting healthier living through the development of innovative premium quality supplements that work for all animals.”

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