Uber introduces new pet-friendly feature

Ever wish you could bring your pet with you in an Uber? With the new Uber Pet feature, you can!

In several American cities, Uber users are now able to bring their animals along for the ride! The new pilot feature, uberPET, was launched in Denver, Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay at the end of 2019. For an extra $2 per trip, any pet-friendly Uber car will allow riders to bring their dogs and cats (as well as hamsters, fish and other critters) along with them in the vehicle. According to the ridesharing company, dogs may even be offered a yummy treat from the driver!

Dogs and cats are expected to be kept on leashes while in an Uber vehicle, and drivers are allowed to turn away anyone with more than one animal, at their discretion. Riders will also be expected to pay a cleaning fee for any major incidents. Service animals will still be permitted in any vehicle at no extra cost.

Visit uber.com to learn more about this pet-friendly option.