Saturday, October 1, 2022

Any suggestions to avoid colon surgery from bowel impaction?

Q.Chester is a neutered male cat. In 2001 my vet did a “manual extirpation of bowel impaction” and removed stool that was nine inches long and over two inches in dimeter. He was put on Laxatone and psyllium seed to soften the stool. In 2002, another impacted bowel with manual extirpation. This time he was put on Lactulose and Cisapride. The vet has said it would be too dangerous to do any more manual expirpations and I would like to avoid mega colon surgery due both to cost and potential damage to Chester. Any suggestions?


A.This does sound like mega colon and the only thing I’ve seen work effectively for this condition is surgery. In the cases I’ve seen (which were all referred to the same surgeon), the result was very rewarding. You could try to find an acupuncturist who has been successful in getting return to function but this may be easier said than done. I had one cat who we supplemented with many different herbs, including slippery elm. Although the cat initially responded, eventually he underwent mega colon surgery and the guardian was ecstatic with the outcome. If you really don’t want to do the surgery, you could add in BHI’s Constipation and Intestine homeopathic formulas. Heel’s Colon suis could be rewarding, however, this may be difficult to find.

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