Are “human grade” vitamins safe for dogs?

Q.Are “human grade” vitamins safe for dogs? There are so many dog vitamins out there and the cost is more than what I pay for my own. I’m looking for a good multi for my dogs. We home cook for them. Also, my springer has pulled out her dew claw. The area is puffy, with no blood or discharge. Our vet didn’t want to prescribe antibiotics and suggested topical polysporin and saltwater poultice. Is there a homeopathic oral remedy that would reduce the puffiness? She won’t let me near her paw.


A.I’ve been practicing and prescribing supplementation for dogs and cats for over 30 years and the majority of these supplements, especially up to just a few years ago, have been human products. For the dewclaw, I like topical 3% hydrogen peroxide. I also use the oral homeopathics by BHI Infection, Traumeel and/or Injury. Also, good old homeopathic arnica can help.

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