Saturday, December 3, 2022

Can a brain tumor cause aggressive behavior in cats?

Q.Can a brain tumor cause aggressive behavior in cats? We have a five-year-old neutered male who can no longer be in the same room with our other two cats without screaming and fighting them. He was very loving when younger, but his personality has changed and he has become very aggressive. Our vet checked him over and found nothing wrong, except that one kidney was a bit compromised. I read that brain tumors can cause this problem, but the vet doesn’t seem to take it seriously and I want a second opinion.


A.I have seen aggression as a sign associated with confirmed brain tumors over the years but would never use it as a symptom to confirm or be definitive for the presence of a tumor. Aggression is much more common than brain tumors and there are many other causes. My advice would be to consult with a veterinary neurologist.

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