Can you suggest a holistic approach to Vulvafold Dermatitis?

    Q.For years, my mother’s seven-year-old Pekingese has had a condition called vulvafold dermatitis. The doctor prescribes cream for it but it never really goes away. It bothers her so much she constantly rubs her bottom on the floor and it sometimes ends up bleeding. The doctor said the only way to get rid of it is with surgery. Can you suggest a holistic approach?


    A.The cause of this condition is typically mechanical or anatomical in nature. It would be similar to chronic diaper rash, propagated by a fold that retains moisture. This leads to chronic inflammation and secondary infection.

    In its early stages, I’ve had success using topical preparations such as hydrogen peroxide (it doesn’t sting dogs like it does us), medicated powders like aloe cornstarch or Gold Bond, propolis ointment, aloe vera or calendula gels. If infected, olive leaf extract or oil of oregano can help.

    If the condition is as chronic as it sounds, the veterinarian may be correct. One surgical procedure to remove that deep fold could lead to years of relief.

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