Do you think Mgn-3 is good for dogs that have lymphoma? What would you suggest for this?

    Q.Do you think Mgn-3 is good for dogs that have lymphoma? What would you suggest for this?


    A.In our clinic, we have been using Cellular Forte but if you wanted to try Mgn-3, you could certainly do so.
    Our approach is not to put all our eggs into any one basket. There are many products out there that have been touted as a cure-all for cancer and if it works for specific animals, it is a cure. But not all animals respond the same way and that’s why we use multi-faceted treatment programs.

    A word about cancer
    With so many animals being diagnosed with cancer these days, more and more people are looking to alternative or integrative therapies to help their companions. We applaud those people who care enough to investigate treatment options that will save your companions’ lives and cause the least amount of long-term side effects. Obviously, it is difficult to make recommendations for cancer treatment through a question and answer column. In our clinic, we work up each case individually. We don’t work on the cancer so much as we do on the patient because we know the cure for cancer is the reestablishment of proper immune integrity. We use a myriad of homeopathic, herbal, and glandular products, for instance, to restore the patient’s health. There are now many nutraceutical products that have actual anticancer/antitumor activity and, depending upon the cancer, we will incorporate one or several of these. We look at diet, lifestyle, genetics, and medical (including vaccine) history to try to determine how the patient got to this place and then make recommendations to help rebalance the immune system.

    Since some of you have asked specifically about diet, let me tell you that, in general, the new documentation for cancer patients is to provide a high protein (of good quality), high fat, little or no carbohydrate diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended and we like salmon oil or oil from another cold water fish source. Of the raw diet for cancer patients, I would say this: cancer is the most unnatural state of health. Raw diet is the closest thing to nature for carnivores. Sometimes you have to fight the extreme with the extreme and raw does provide a superior source of protein. The acclimation to home prepared or raw diet is also different from one patient to another. Some animals will do fine on it immediately while others require a transition period. Your holistic veterinarian can help provide you with personal advice for your animal with respect to diet.

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