Why is my dog having difficulty getting up and walking?

Q.About three months ago, my 12-year-old German shepherd began having difficulty getting up and walking. Our vet, who is an orthopedic specialist, X-rayed her and it appears her vertebrae have fused together with new bone, and that this new bone has since cracked. Her spine and ribs appear to have frayed in many places. Her liver, spleen and heart were slightly enlarged. Her lungs were fine. Our vet suggested she may be fighting a bacteria in her spine, causing the body to build new bone to combat it. Although he does practice holistically, he prescribed Cephalexin (500mg caplets, three times a day for three weeks). She improved enough that we could resume our daily walks, but a month later she began to have problems again. Our vet put her on a second round of the same antibiotic and added Geri-Tabs (Vetcom Inc.) three times a day.


A.I prefer cases like this to be handled hands-on by a veterinarian well seasoned in both conventional and complementary medicine. In my practice, we primarily handle patients like this with full metabolic analysis leading to multiple nutraceutical formulations along with herbal and homeopathic remedies, intravenous therapy with high levels of vitamin C, adrenal extracts, ozone gas and injectable homeopathics and acupuncture with chiropractic. We will do long distance consultations where a willing veterinarian is involved in the loop.

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