How much glucosamine and condroitin is enough?

Q. I have a seven-year-old spayed German shepherd with terrible hips. She eats Blue senior food. I add Missing link, Prozyme and salmon oil to her food. I also give her glucosamine and condroitin tablets. Glucosamine and chondroitin seem to be everywhere, in food, treats, etc. How much is enough? Can they be toxic in any way? What else can I do to make her comfortable? My vet wants her on Rimadyl but I refused.


A. For the proper dosing of glucosamine/chondroitin, you should get one of the more accepted and known brands, such as Cosequin by Nutramax, and follow the recommendations by weight on the label. I also like Glycoflex (especially formula #3); one of the many homeopathic combinations, especially containing rhus tox; and herbally, one of many indicated for arthritis containing especially yucca, alfalfa and devil’s claw. You can also consider getting her on foods that are whole and unprocessed and contain no or minimal processed carbohydrates.

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