Saturday, September 24, 2022

How young can a puppy be to receive a rabies vaccination safely?

Q.I am trying to buy a puppy in the U.S. (I am in Germany) and one of the requirements is to vaccinate him for rabies prior to transporting him. I am told he needs to be older than one month before this can be done. I was wondering how young a puppy can be to receive a rabies vaccination safely.


A.In answering this, I would like to reference Dr. Jean Dodds, an expert in the field of vaccinations, an integral part of the Rabies Challenge Fund (Rabieschallengefund.org) and no stranger to this magazine. Do not vaccinate puppies for rabies before 12 weeks of age! Pups younger than that are not required to have a rabies vaccine before travel. The health certificate from the attending veterinarian just has to state: “Too young to vaccinate for rabies.”

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