Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Is a phosphatidylserine safe for my dog with liver problems?

Q.I have a 13-year-old Bedlington terrier with idiopathic age-related liver disease. It is under excellent control with a home cooked diet. She also has an enlarged adrenal gland and borderline Cushing’s. We can’t put her on Cushing’s meds because they are all hepatotoxic. She is panting and itching and I’m trying to find something to help her. I’ve seen several mentions of phosphatidylserine being used as a cortisol suppressant. But I can’t find any research to tell me if this supplement is safe for her liver, and my vet is unfamiliar with it. I would like to try it, but obviously only if it’s safe (50 mg per day?).


A.I have been using phos serine for many years since it first hit the market. In those days, I was working closely with the company that did the original work documenting its beneficial effects in humans, especially helping to support proper brain function.

It was then that I learned about a study done on conditioned athletes where phos serine was shown to suppress cortisol output by the adrenal glands without any noticeable side effects. From that point on, I have been using it in Cushing’s patients and have not noticed any side effects.

For a dog the probable weight of your terrier, 100 mg is what we would typically recommend – and many of my clients, over the years, have doubled or tripled our recommendations without any observable side effects. One other supplement you could consider looking into would be Humanofort by Dogtor Rx.

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