Saturday, September 24, 2022

Is it always necessary to treat a “cat cold”?

Q.I am a foster guardian to different shelter cats. Although I keep them in quarantine from my own animals, sometimes my cats will catch an upper respiratory virus from them. My vet treats them with a round of antibiotics and the sniffles go away. My question is: Is it always necessary to treat a “cat cold”?

A.As with humans, cats do “catch cold”, and millions have gotten better with rest, drinking fluids, maybe some vitamin C and time. Unfortunately, often our animal friends are not given the choice to “ride out” some illnesses as humans do, and their guardians and veterinarians feel obligated to medicate. I have assisted many animals through conditions as this with success and, many times, when I do decide to treat, will do so with one of the many remedies available, rather than prescribing drugs. One of my favorite is Gripp-heel by BHI

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