Saturday, September 24, 2022

Is it safe to feed my cat raw chicken?

Q.I am confused about feeding my cat raw chicken. The vets say no because of bacteria and yet raw food enthusiasts say it is perfectly safe, that the bacteria doesn’t hurt cats because of their fast digestive tract. One vet also named a disease they can get from raw chicken – I can’t remember the complicated name. What should I do?


A.We sell over 3,000 pounds of raw meat products from our practice every month and a good percentage of that is raw chicken. I rarely see a problem outside of those animals that are either sensitive to the change to raw, or just can’t acclimate. The disease you are referring to is probably salmonella, or possibly e-coli. Although I have rarely seen this as a direct correlation to feeding raw, I can’t say it’s not impossible. I just don’t let that slim possibility stand in the way of the extreme benefits I have seen from feeding raw meat diets, especially to cats. My own three cats have been almost exclusively on raw chicken, turkey and, less frequently, rabbit for many years and remain very healthy.

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