Is Optimmune safe to use long-term for my dog’s cherry eyes?

    Q.I have a question about my bulldog Fionna’s cherry eyes. She has one that is always out, the other goes out and in at random. She had surgery on the one that is always out and the ophthalmologist sutured it back in, but after a month, it popped back out. I don’t want any more surgery because it’s expensive and her blood pressure was apparently very low during the procedure. My doctor suggests Optimmune/cylcosporine, but I don’t do it every day because I feel like I’m overmedicating her. Do you have any suggestions?


    A.These conditions can be very difficult to remedy and heal non-surgically. However, if there has been a noticeable response to the Optimmune, I would recommend trying the topical homeopathic eye drops Similasan #1.

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