Should I amputate my dog’s leg?

    Q.I have a four-year-old rottwiler that was recently diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma in his right front elbow area. Amputation is being recommended but I’m told the chance of survival is slim. What would you do?


    A.This is a more rare tumor. One thing that differentiates it clinically from typical bone cancer (which rottwilers are getting a lot these days) is that bone cancer always stays in one bone and doesn’t cross into or across joints, so if see a cancer crossing from one bone to another, then there’s a really good chance it’s synovial.

    Cancer is a very serious issue and it’s important to actually see the dog to treat it properly. What we do in my clinic is get the dog in for three to five days for intravenous high levels of vitamin C. We also use ozone, injectible homeopathic remedies in the joints, an IAT (Immuno Augmentative Therapy) program and we conduct a full nutritional analysis as well.

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