Should my cat with FIV be on antibiotics?

    Q. I have a stray with FIV. The vet wants me to load her with antibiotics to “protect” her from any possible infection. Is there something else I can give her to boost her immune system besides chemicalized “medicine”? She also has three big open sores on her body, which is the reason for the oral antibiotic (Antirobe Aquadrops).


    A. In an immune suppressed patient with the sores you describe, I don’t mind the short term use of antibiotics to initially get things under control. I also like using topical 3% hydrogen peroxide. After this, olive leaf extract and propolis are both more naturally-based immune supportive antibiotics. A thymus extract or glandular, homeopathic Thymus Drops by Professional Complementary Health Products and the antioxidant Feline Dismuplex by Pet Pharms are several others we use in our practice. There are many other very good products on the market that lend immune support to cats; with a little research, you can come up with a good program. Make sure you also focus on high quality whole foods.

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