Sunday, September 25, 2022

What alternative therapies can I use after my dog’s tumor removal?

Q. I have a ten-year old Siberian husky with a little smaller than golf ball-sized mast cell tumor (grade 2) inside his mouth (on his upper left lip). Since it seems to be bothering him, I have decided to have it removed surgically. But I want to avoid chemo/radiation therapy and instead would like to treat him with alternative therapies. After removing the tumor, what should I do?


A. As always, it’s not advisable to try and treat a cancer patient via magazine column. With that said, I do advise surgical removal. At my facility, we would most likely use cryo-surgery, seeing as the tumor is located in the mouth. After that, some of the supplements we routinely use with mast cell cancer are the antioxidant querciten, Betathyme by Doctor’s Mutual or commercially available Moducare, the Chinese herb artemisinin, and an herbal formula indicated for allergies containing nettles and Echinacea.

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