What can I do for my dog’s ongoing bladder infections?

    Q.I have a beautiful seven-year-old female Chow. She has bladder infections every three to four months. When a culture is done, “proteus mirabilis” shows up. I have tried different foods, filtered water, and no grains. She has had ultrasound and x-rays, but there’s no problem. Would you have any information about this ongoing problem?


    A.The inside of the bladder does have contact, via the urethra, to the non-sterile world outside the body. It is also the container that stores the waste products the kidneys eliminate from the body, which could weaken it and make it more susceptible to infection.

    Here are some of the treatments we use in my clinic: if the urine pH runs high (alkaline), then vitamin C or a cranberry extract can be used. Homeopathics include Professional Complementary Health Formula’s Urinary Aid, or BHI/Heel’s Uri-Cleanse. One of my favorite products is UT Strength by Vetri-Science. For a natural antibiotic, consider Oli-Vet, also from Vetri-Science.

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