What can I do to prevent my dog’s seizures?

    Q.I am thinking of adopting a 2½-year-old mini dashie named Buffy. She is the breeder’s dog, who cannot keep her because she has had a seizure. Buffy’s brother has also had seizure problems. I have a dog from her that is 5 years old and has only had one seizure. I really want this dog so do you have any advice on what to do for the dog to prevent future seizures?


    A.Absolutely. STOP vaccinating and get a professional exception for the rabies vaccine. Nutraceuticals I typically use for epileptics are: , and an herbal formula that contains a combination of herbs for nervous sedation, primary of which are skullcap and valerian. The two we use in our practice are Calming Formula or Crystal Star’s Relax Caps. I’ve also seen good classical homeopathic veterinarians and acupuncture have excellent success in treating epilepsy.

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