What can I use to help my cat’s IBD?

    Q.I have a 14-year-old male cat who I suspect is developing inflammatory bowel disease. I have used alternative approaches for him in the past, and took him to an alternative vet. However, an alternative vet is not as readily accessible where I am currently living. I would like some general information about the condition and possibly some ideas on how to best handle it in an older cat.

    A.A full discussion of IBD is beyond the scope of this column. In my experience, it has reached epidemic proportions. I feel there is a link to over or unnecessary vaccination. We have been quite successful in treating this illness using alternative modalities, even in many cases where conventional treatment failed. Most of the products I use in treatment are in my book in the section for diarrhea. Incidentally, although onions are reportedly toxic to cats, I have never witnessed a problem with adding one slice of leek to a pot of the potato diet listed there. But if in doubt, leave it out.

    Note: Read this article covering IBD in cats and dogs, and how holistic approaches can help.

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