Tuesday, August 9, 2022

What can I use to help my dog’s separation anxiety?

Q. I have a two-year-old boxer mix with an incredible spirit and love for life. Unfortunately, he suffers from separation anxiety and finds it intolerable to be left alone. He has been taking Clomicalm which hasn’t helped all that much and I don’t like to see him on it anyway. Is there anything that can help us?


A. You should definitely have his thyroid checked. Medical studies have shown that auto immune thyroiditis is a common cause of behavioral problems so he needs to have a complete thyroid panel run. I believe this condition is related to vaccines, much as vaccines are related to Attention Deficit Disorder in children. You can try flower essences, herbal formulas containing valerian and melatonin (3 mg. per day) but if this is thyroid-related, you need to address that or he will not improve.

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