What can I use to treat my dog’s cysts?

    Q. I have a ten-year-old dog – she is half white shepherd and half Keeshond. Over the past two years she has gone through three operations for benign cysts. She had just had six removed over the past month, one of which burst and was bleeding. I do not want to keep putting her through operations. Is there anything you can recommend that I can give her for this? She is a very healthy and active dog. She eats a lot of vegetables, mainly carrots and broccoli.


    A. The skin is a powerful detoxifying organ. The problem you describe suggests that her body is voiding excessive waste, probably resulting from poorly or improperly metabolized foods. In our practice, we would perform a full metabolic analysis. Short of that, I would recommend a good digestive enzyme supplement, an antioxidant combination supplement and a good multi vitamin/mineral. Also, look at feeding a diet of high quality, whole ingredient foods, low in processed carbohydrates.

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