Saturday, October 1, 2022

What herbal remedy can I give my dog to eliminate itching?

Q.Every time my Peke/Shi-Tzu mix sheds, she scratches and pulls tufts of hair out with her mouth. I guess when they shed, they itch? What herbal can I give her to eliminate the itching? She is driving us both crazy!!


A.There are a myriad of products on the market to address skin problems and especially those associated with allergies. Besides the natural anti-inflammatory Beta thyme, by DMSC or Moduvet, I would recommend one of each of the many homeopathics and herbals on the market indicated for this condition. For example, we use homeopathic Skin Aid by PHP and we have an herbal formulation tincture called Allergy Formula by Animal Nutritional Technologies that contains echinacea and nettles. Also, do some research on the best diet for your dog. If you get no response from these suggestions, it would be wise to get this looked at and diagnosed by a veterinarian.

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