Saturday, October 1, 2022

What is causing my dog’s belly to change color?

Q.I have a Jack Russell who has recently acquired a rather strange colored skin on the underside of his body and near his genitalia. It was originally pink, but has turned a nasty
shade of dirty black. What could this be?


A.It could be one of several conditions. It might be chronic irritation and inflammation with secondary yeast, typically associated with allergy; a hormonal imbalance, especially if he has not been neutered; or a condition called acanthosis nigricans. This last one is usually found in dachshunds, but I’ve seen it in other breeds. There are potentially even more possibilities, so getting a hands-on diagnosis would be highly recommended before proceeding with any treatment.

Category: Dog
Tags: Allergies, Chronic Irritation, Hormonal Imbalance, Inflammation, Skin Color Change, Yeast Infection