Saturday, December 3, 2022

What is causing my dog’s ear and skin infections?

Q. I have a three-year-old Basset Hound who is having a bad time with yeast infections. He suffers recurrently from ear infections, and his skin is patchy and damp and omits an odor. After three weeks of oral medication, and a special shampoo once weekly, I’ve yet to see improvement.


A. It’s hard to say what’s causing the infections. It could be vaccinosis, for instance. Obviously, the ear area is too alkaline so treating this condition could be as simple as buying a bottle of apple cider vinegar, diluting ¾ tsp. in ½ cup of water and rinsing out the ear canal. This will help to acidify the ear area. This remedy does not always work but it’s a start. Another treatment is to change the diet. Getting carbohydrates out of the diet by eliminating grains and putting your dog on a raw meat & veggies diet may be the answer.

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