Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What is causing my dog’s itchy skin?

Q.I have a 5-1/2-year-old Bouvier who has itchy skin. She is mostly scratching around her tail and up her back and sides. She has had many skin infections as this has been going on since she was a baby. She had allergy testing which came back as allergic to fleas only, but there is never a flea in sight. She had another flare up right after the last bout of prednisone. She is now on a diet of whitefish and rice.


A.This is one of the most typical things we see. I would suggest homeopathic Thuja if you think it’s vaccine-related. You could also try Sulphur Heel (indicated for dermatosis), BHI Skin (indicated for eczema, blisters, rashes and hives) or BHI Allergy, (indicated for relief of skin rashes and hives). You could try Dr. Goodpet’s Flea Relief, Betathyme or Moducare, which are basically natural cortisones. For true skin infections, you can use Olive Leaf Extract, or the homeopathic remedy Hepar Sulph. Often with these types of cases, the dog needs to be detoxified. Remember that the skin is the “third kidney”.

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