What multivitamin and joint support product can I use for my dog with IBD?

    Q.I have a 7-year-old neutered Chinook. He has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Rather than load him up with steroids and antibiotics, I have chosen home prepared cooked chicken diet. Carbs are limited to cooked sweet potato and white potato. I use shark cartilage powder rather glucosamine/chondroitin products which may have known allergens for him as oats, wheat, beef, yeast or soy. Have you any suggestions for a multivitamin and joint support product?


    A.We have been very successful with these cases. We use Acetylator by VetriScience. It does have a glucosamine derivative in it but it may be worth trying. We also use a homeopathic combination of BHI Intestine and Diarrhea. I’ve just started to work with a new product called Primal Defence (homeostatic soil organisms) which I feel will have great benefit. As for diet, I list a potato diet in my book similar to that you are currently feeding, but with a few additions. In all these cases we perform a metabolic analysis to align the other organs of digestion and assimilation.

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