Sunday, September 25, 2022

What natural remedy could I use for my cat’s kidney and liver problems?

Q.I have a 12-year-old cat with elevated enzymes indicating kidney and liver problems. I am looking for a holistic/natural remedy to impending kidney and liver problems.


A.First, I would suggest raw kidney and liver glandulars. To this you can add Renal Drops by Professional Health Products. Elevated kidney values come from improper protein metabolism and improper liver function. The kidney and liver are closely connected and are kind of like the exhaust system of a car. It’s important to balance the tune up the engine, not just focus on the exhaust system. I would recommend a BioNutritional Analysis. Kidneys handle the brunt of so much toxicity so if you don’t handle the source, you’re not going to get the patient better. Also, watch out for vaccines.

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