Would Neurotrophin be beneficial for my dog who has cerebellar abiotrophy?

    Q. I have a seven-year-old male Scottish terrier. He was diagnosed about two years ago with cerebellar abiotrophy/ataxia. Griffey’s tremors are exacerbated with stress and excitement. I give him holistic food – organic when I can. He gets virgin coconut oil, fish oil, barley greens, and the best supplements I can find, including vitamins E and C. Would Neurotrophin be beneficial? I also recently learned that lion’s mane is being used to help humans for ataxia. Can dogs be given this, and if so, what would be the appropriate dose?


    A. In this condition, the centers in the brain that control coordination of movement degenerate prematurely. It is believed to be an inherited trait. In my experience, the Scottish terrier is not one of the more prevalently reported breeds for this condition, but it doesn’t exclude it from being the correct diagnosis.

    I have concerns about a potential link between vaccinations and conditions such as this. It has been demonstrated that a process called demyelination, or a dissolving of the protective layer of the nervous system, is linked to vaccines. Please try to prevent future vaccines of any type.

    Supplements like Neurotrophin by Standard Process, Sphingolin by Emerson Ecologics, Phosphatidyl serine, and choline would all be good choices. Professional Complementary Health Formulas makes a remedy called Brain Stimulation Liquiesence. I honestly have never heard of lion’s mane.

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