Understanding The Benefits Of All-Natural Pet Foods

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of the gods. For David Levy, (opposite, top right) Zeus is a very special Rottweiler who inspired him to start Zeus & Company, an all-natural pet products distributor based in the American Midwest. Zeus’s enthusiastic reaction to the natural healthy pet foods David found for him convinced him to start the business, which is now in its 13th year. Since its founding, the company has been delivering healthy nutrition for animals, and continuously invests in research and testing to ensure the highest quality, most nutritious pet food.

Zeus & Company was the first all-natural pet product supplier in the Midwest “I started the company when I had a hard time finding nutritious food for my own dog and cats,” explains David, who is the company’s president as well as its founder. The first facility opened in Evanston, Illinois and has since expanded into California and Minnesota. “Now more than ever, people are becoming educated and seeing the numerous benefits of feeding all-natural healthy foods,” David says. “We’re a very customer friendly company that prides itself on educating the public and store owners.” He and his team provide in-store training sessions and educational seminars at their facilities as well as community events.

The company offers a long list of quality products for dogs and cats, and David has added several new ones this year. Many are environmentally friendly, and tailored to the animal’s personal needs. “ACANA and ORIJEN foods are completely grain free, Bite O’ Blue treats look and smell like blueberries and are great for a dog’s coat, while Purr and Simple is a unique cat litter that absorbs and eliminates odors without the use of fragrances or any other additives.” Zeus also carries other quality products including The Pet Loo, the exceptionally strong EZ Steps Leash, and a newly released Tick Key that helps people search for and remove ticks from an animal’s coat.

The company also donates thousands of pounds of food each year to local animal shelters and rescue groups. They even supplied food to the canine and feline victims of Hurricane Katrina. Zeus & Company supports local events and led the charge to raise $10,000 to care for and train a Narcotics Detection and Tracking Canine. “Having this canine team provides a unique opportunity to promote a safe community,” says David, who is a former law enforcement officer. Since budgets are tight across the country, Zeus & Company is helping other police departments by providing police dogs with food and supplements.

David’s vast knowledge of all-natural foods came to the rescue when Zeus was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen in August of 2005. Several top veterinarians predicted Zeus had only two to six months to live. David was determined to help his best friend live longer, so he fed him a complete raw meat diet, and gave him several supplements and vitamins. Zeus lived three more years until his passing in August of 2008.

Despite his loss, David is moving ahead with enthusiasm. “It’s a great time to look to the future, make better decisions on what you are feeding your animal, and try new products.” He also makes sure everything his company sells meets the high standards of his own dog, Lacey, and his cats, Clementine and Ginger. Zeus may be gone now, but his legacy is alive and well!

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