Valentine's day dog

Is your dog your Valentine? Consider yourself lucky! A dog’s love is loyal, powerful, and unconditional. If you’re planning to spend the day of love with your canine companion, here’s a few pet-friendly activities you can enjoy together.

1. Book a room!

Looking to get away for a day or two? Grab your canine bestie and head to a luxury pet-friendly hotel! Note: Spontaneity is great, but don’t forget to call ahead to be sure they have rooms available for canine guests.

2. Bake some heart-shaped dog treats

Find a healthy treat recipe and whip up a batch of delicious, wholesome cookies for your pooch using a heart-shaped cookie cutter! It’s the perfect way to spend the afternoon, and he’ll love being the official taste tester.

3. Have a Valentine’s Day-themed photo shoot

Grab your phone or camera and capture some cheesy memories … or hire a photographer to take pictures of both of you!

4. Arrange a playdate

Know someone else spending Valentine’s Day with their pup? Set up a double date! Most dogs love making new friends, and socializing is good for both of you.

5. Enjoy a “home spa day”

Grab the doggie shampoo and pamper your pooch! Follow these steps for a stress-free grooming experience, and be sure to praise him once it’s all said and done. Then it’s your turn to hop in the tub!

6. Take a moonlit stroll

What better way to finish the day? Just be sure to check out our safety tips for walking your dog at night!


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