Vol. 15 – Issue 3

18 BEST FOODS FOR GOOD VISION Packed with nutrients, these colorful foods can help keep his eyes sharp by protecting against a variety of ocular problems.

22 SUNNY DAYS A lot of people think dogs don’t need shielding from the sun’s UV rays. But sunburn and even skin cancer can occur in canines that get too much sunlight. Find out how to protect your pooch.

30 OW, MY EYE! From punctures to lacerations, canine eye injuries occur more often than you might think. Here are some of the most common wounds and how they’re treated.

34 MEGAN’S MENTORS This talented actress and producer credits her dog Smiley, along with her many other four-footed companions, for teaching her some important life lessons.

37 SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE How one dog’s toxic reaction to an insecticide led to a company that specializes in natural, earth-friendly pest control products.

38 TOP 10 WAYS TO BUILD A BOND Whether you’re adopting a puppy or adult dog, establishing a healthy connection with him from the start will help ensure a meaningful friendship.

44 IT’S ALL ABOUT ENERGY You’ve heard the term “energy healing” but what exactly is it and why and how does it work?

47 ALOE’S ATTRACTION It contains essential nutrients that may alleviate many chronic conditions.

50 POOCHES WITH PINK EYE Conjunctivitis is common in humans, but dogs can also contract it. Know the symptoms, and how it can be treated.

56 CANINE CANCER – TWO VIEWS Homeopathy, along with new discoveries in conventional medicine, are coming to similar conclusions about how to more effectively treat this illness.

62 FIVE WAYS TO SOOTHE FEAR Poor socialization, abuse, traumatic events and even genetics can cause fear-based behaviors in a dog. You can’t undo his past, but you can help alleviate his anxiety.

66 CAT’S EYE VIEW A look at some of the most common ocular problems in felines.

69 LESSONS FROM LANCELOT He’s the first cat I’ve ever had – and he’s taught me all I need to know about solving feline behavior problems.

71 IS KITTY PREPARED? Emergencies can strike anyplace, anytime, and may mean you have to evacuate your home. Do you have a disaster plan in place for your cat?

74 CAPPUCCINO WITH CATS Thanks to the phenomenon of “cat cafés”, Japanese feline aficionados can visit with resident kitties while relaxing with a cup of java.

80 LU PARKER She wears multiple hats as a news anchor, actress and journalist, but still finds the time and energy to advocate for homeless animals.

83 PASSING THE TEST Skin allergies in his own dogs prompted this entrepreneur to develop an affordable allergy testing kit that covers almost 200 environmental and food triggers.

88 NETWORK FOR NEEDY DOGS Wish you could help more dogs find loving forever homes, but don’t have the resources to be a rescuer yourself? Social media is an effective tool anyone can use to make a difference.

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