Vol. 7 – Issue 1

14. The power of positive training
The gentle touch is the right touch

22. What’s in and what’s not
The dos and don’ts of choosing a collar, leash or harness

28. Fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria with natural remedies
Healthy ways to zap bad bugs

32. Online dating services bring animal lovers together
Here’s how to meet the perfect match

36. Amazing Animals Story Contest
The results are in! Read our selection of prize-winning animal tales

40. Alternative therapies help improve life for FIP cats
Taking a holistic approach to managing this fatal feline disease

43. Overweight?
From fat to fit in 5 steps

51. Hop up to health!
A basic guide to natural bunny nutrition

54. Noxious energy fields may endanger you and your animals
Ways to protect yourself and your four-footed friend

58. Communication and respect are key to natural horsemanship
Enhancing the bond you share with your equine

65. Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest
Send us your best shots and you could win!

70. Pass the grass!
Grow some wholesome greens for your kitty

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