Vol. 7 – Issue 2

14. Food labels 101
Taking our crash course on finding a good food

20. Do vegetarian diets work for dogs and cats
What you need to know before making a switch

24. Innovative vet clinics
Visit three veterinary hospitals with a difference

30. Doggie and kitty Alzheimer’s
Can we prevent and treat cognitive disorder

38. “The child of a cloud, on loan from heaven”
Meet Mr. Winkle, canine cutie extraordinaire

42. Vaccination: which ones do they really need, and how often?
A close-up look at core vaccines

47. When the fur flies…
Handling aggression in multi-cat households

50. Amazing Animal Story Contest
Read two more remarkable entries!

57. Special needs diets — stop the itch with food from scratch
How to feed an animal with allergies

62. Reaching out to your horse can help solve behavior problems
Enhance your understanding of your equine friend

70. A crate can be a safe haven for your canine companion
An easy three-day program for crate-training your dog

77. Are adjustable collars safe?
One reader says “no”

79. Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest
Send us your best shots and you could win!

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