Vol. 7 – Issue 3

14. Vaccination: which ones do they really need, and how often?
Part two in our close-up look at core vaccines

19. Lost in translation?
How to “read” your companion’s body language

24. Container gardens:
How to safely add color and beauty to your home

32. Can your dog feel your pain?
Animals often share a sympathetic bond with their human companions

33. Meet Belle
How did this beautiful golden overcome hip dysplasia and arthritis to win the title of Master Agility Champion?

34. Arthritis therapies
How do the conventional treatments stack up to the more natural ones?

42. The evolution of pet insurance
From group insurance to holistic health care coverage, there’s something for every animal lover

47. The healing power of mushrooms
Fungi that pack a healthy punch

57. Stake out your cat
A simple way for your feline friend to enjoy the great outdoors

58. Is liver disease lurking in the wings?
Signs, symptoms and approaches to healing

68. Discover the benefits of gemmotherapy
How these specially-prepared plant buds can help with detoxification

73. Codex puts dietary supplements at risk
What does this mean for you and your animal?

74. Mineral wise, salt poor
Preventing imbalances in your horse

82. Why supplement?
Because prevention is the most powerful cure!

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