Vol. 7 – Issue 4

18. Seven ways to save money on vet bills
How to keep costs low – without sacrificing quality care

28. Benji and Joe Camp take their show on the road to help shelters
This beloved canine celebrity has won the hearts of millions

33. Pack your bags!
Animal Wellness presents our Top Ten Getaway Ideas

43. Traveling with your animal?
Don’t forget his first aid kit

46. Vaccination: Part III
Which ones do they really need and how often?

59. Natural pest control keeps your garden health and animal-friendly
Safe ways to battle those pesky bugs

65. Selenium – good for you… good for your companion!
A close-up look at a powerful antioxidant

66. Our Amazing Animals Photo Contest Winners
Find out who won!

72. Go gently into that good night
Hospice care for animals

81. Flower essences 101
How they help heal our animals

86. On the right foot
Taking care of your horse’s hoofs

96. How to introduce a new cat to the “clutter”
Bringing home another feline friend? Here’s how to ensure a smooth transition

99. The Yin & Yang of puppy love
Try this simple acupressure exercise with your best friend

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