Vol. 7 – Issue 5

18. When to say “no” to steroids
The pros and cons of corticosteroids

24. Go green and clean
A guide to animal-friendly lawn care

34. How to get your finicky feline eating healthy
Switching kitty’s diet safely and successfully

38. Abbey’s casts of many colors
Recovery through rehabilitation

48. Hands-on herbals
A basic guide to homemade remedies for you and your companion

52. The shamanic approach to healing animals
A spiritual spin on tackling health problems

55. Canine social skills
How to help your new dog or puppy make friends

64. Heavy metal toxicity
What it is and what you can do about it

74. Does your dog have “fecal fascination”?
Help for canines that like to eat or roll in excrement

76. The natural route to controlling equine parasites
Maintaining your horse’s GI health

80. Adopting online
Your next best friend might be just a mouse click away

84. Sprouts pack a punch of healthy nutrition
And they’re easy to grow at home

87. Relax, take a deep breath… and do the downward-facing dog
An introduction to canine yoga

94. Is CoQ10 a formula for good health?
This antioxidant has a host of healing properties

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