Vol. 7 – Issue 6

18. Supplements to strengthen her immune system
These health-enhancing nutrients fight disease and boost wellness

22. The feline perspective
Immune support for your kitty

24. Keeping your indoor cat happy and healthy
Is Fluffy bored? Here’s what to do…

36. Diane Keaton
When it comes to animals, she’s just “gotta give”

40. Toy story
Are his toys safe?

42. Make a list and check it twice
… to ensure a safe & stress-free holiday!

44. Delicious holiday baking for your four- and two-legged friends
Try these scrumptious festive recipes

59. Is Fido stressed out?
Here’s how to help him relax

66. Indoor gardening brightens up the winter months for you and your animal
Bringing the outdoors in

77. Remembering Hurricane Katrina
A tribute to the animal rescuers

80. Fluff’s adventure has many counting their blessings
A lost kitty is happily reunited with his human family

82. The eyes have it
An intro to iridology for horses

86. Second-hand smoke
Is it as bad for him as it is for you?

93. Celebrate your companion with a scrapbook of his very own
Create a visual tribute to your best friend

98. Cataract surgery changes a chimpanzee’s life
A ground-breaking operation restores Jacky’s vision

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