Vol. 9 – Issue 1

20 Canine influenza – Should you be worried?

24 Homeopathy… a feline perspective to this healing approach A gentle modality for your cat.

35 Why IBD is a real pain in the rear! – Treatments and prevention

40 Dental care tool kit – Toothbrushes, toothpastes and more

46 Top 6 ways to minimize dental visits – Keeping them clean and bright

54 What you need to know about breed specific legislation How do these laws affect you?

60 FRB and calici – Living with feline upper respiratory infections

66 Lurch and friends live happily together at Rocky Ridge Refuge A peaceful sanctuary in the Arkansas countryside.

75 Scotty's legacy – How one loss is saving thousands

78 What is bloat and why is it so dangerous? This serious disorder is more common than you might think.

84 All in a day's work – gracious gracie is the perfect host

93 Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest – Send us your best shots and more..

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