Vol. 9 – Issue 2

20 Getting to the heart of heartworm – Should you be worried?

25 4 things your groomer wished you knew – Brushing up on hair care

32 Now hear this! – Common ear problems in dogs and cats

36 Tackling ticks – Getting a handle on these bothersome bloodsuckers

40 Top 7 ways to make fleas flee – Taking the itch out is easier than you think

46 Disc dog is a high-flying event – This exciting canine sport is gaining popularity

50 Hairballs – yuck! How to prevent those "kitty landmines"

52 Is Fido fearful? – Acupressure can help.

57 No more tear stains – What to do about this "unsightly" condition

60 Bath time! Tub tips for you and your canine companion

64 Mountain View is a true ark among conservation centers – Giving endangered species a helping hand.

70 "Free to a good home" – How a rescued puppy inspired a feature film on animal homelessness.

72 Raising a stink – Remove the smell of skunk, naturally

75 How to grow a 22-year-old cat – The secret to extending kitty's nine lives

96 Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest – Send us your best shots and you could win!

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