Vol. 9 – Issue 3

24 Can dogs have strokes – Here's what you need to know

28 Our "dog-gone" miracle – Follow Bailey's amazing stroke recovery

30 12 tips for a smooth move – Take the stress out of changing residence

39 Top 10 household hazards – Protect your animal from these common dangers

42 How to choose a carrier for your cat – And get her to like it!

46 Chew the fat – A healthy diet plan for your chubby buddy

52 Dealing with diabetes – This prevalent disease can be treated

58 Training the adult dog – The friend, the companion, the buddy!

62 Pet food recall leaves a bitter taste – What they're not telling you

67 How to make the most of your local dog park – the keys to good etiquette

70 Inside and out, these oils have healthy clout – From coconut to hemp

82 Prostate cancer – Not just a human disease

84 Mi Conchita – Rescuing a stray from the streets of Santiago

86 Advice on living with a three-legged animal – "Tripods" make wonderful companions!

98 Caring for your cat during her golden years – Health and lifestyle tips for your senior feline.

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