Vol. 9 – Issue 5

22 Smog alert! – How to keep him breathing easy when the air is bad

28 Waste not, want not – Earth-friendly ways to deal with pet poop

32 Why dog people are “greener” – A canine companion can reduce your carbon footprint

41 Remodeling for Rover – Healthy, comfy home design for your furry friend

48 Fashions for Fido – Apparel and accessories for trendy canines

54 Is your city animal a shy violet? – Flower essences can help

56 Can outdoor cats adjust to an indoor life? – How to help ensure a smooth transition

65 A match made in heaven – This innovative program helps you adopt the right animal for you

67 Should you let sleeping dogs (and cats) lie? – A look at sleep behavior in animals

78 Top 10 dogs for apartments – Some canines are better suited to high-rise living than others

84 Online lost-and-found service helps missing animals get home safely

90 Rock of ages – How stones and crystals help heal

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