Vol. 10 – Issue 1

24 Safe shooting – A vaccine strategy that minimizes their risk

30 Is he a "border hopper"? – Boundary training ensures your dog stays put

42 Crock around the clock – Use your crock serve up these healthy, hearty stews

46 A marriage of opposites – Integrative medicine combines the best of both worlds

52 Relaxing with Rover – 7 ways your dog can help you find inner peace

54 Faith healer – This special dog has brought joy to millions

56 What you need to know about antibiotics – You'll find they are often overused

65 What's the stinking truth about garlic? – Separating fact from fiction

67 Connecting with Clover – It was love at first sight. For the cat anyway.

71 Homeopathy to the rescue – One reader's story

76 3 winter boredom beaters for your dog – How to keep her happy and active

82 Kitties and kidney disease – Treatment and prevention options for this ailment

93 Wildcats! – What you need to know about managing a feral cat colony

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