Vol. 10 – Issue 3

22 Antioxidants to the rescue – How these key nutrients protect her health

26 Is your cat a “class clown”? – This personality checklist gives you the answer

28 How to tell if your “golden oldie” needs a new friend – Consider these tips before adopting

32 Do his ears hang low? – Proper care and grooming prevents problems

40 A nose for trouble – A look at brachycephalic syndrome

44 What’s the buzz about honey? – This sweet treat is nutritious as well as delicious

52 Top 20 supplements for dogs and cats – Vitamins, minerals, herbs and more

58 “Ruffing it” with dogs What you need to know – if taking Rover on a hike or road trip

64 Is kitty under the weather? – Wholesome food choices can help her back to health

74 SafePet lends a helping hand to victims – Help for victims of abuse and their pets

76 Cleaning products with natural “appeel” – This company fights cancer in two ways

81 In the swim – How one reader taught her feline family about pool safety

86 Shopping for supplements? – How to choose the right products for your companion

94 Surviving the pet food recall – One reader’s journey

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