Vol. 10 – Issue 4

22 Mind your manners – The art of polite leash walking

26 Is Spot spooked? – 5 steps to easing your dog's fears

28 Recall recap – What's changed…and what hasn't?

32 Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest – Send us your best shots and you could win!

40 Canine re-treats and spaws get your dog back in shape – Fitness centers and spas offer more than rehab

44 Cancer support – How stone massage can help

46 The cancer cooking challenge – Healthy and tempting cuisine for animal patients

54 Searching for missing links – The connection between cancer, genetics and the environment

60 Holistic support for chemo and radiation – How to make cancer treatment easier on your companion

62 4 steps to choosing a joint health supplement – It's all in the ingredients

64 Gold and silver – More than precious metals

68 10 signs of cancer in dogs and cats – What to watch out for

70 Teaching Tess – How clicker training can work for cats

72 The dirty dozen – 12 toxic chemicals to avoid

74 Dogs on wheels – How two dogs have transformed lives with their "disabilities"

81 A bone to pick – Choosing the right raw bones for your animal companion

86 Mali's gift – One dog's inspiring battle with cancer

90 Cool stuff! – Take a look at what we found at the Backer's show

94 Rear attack! – Cats that bite their tails

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