Vol. 10 – Issue 5

22 Ten tips For good health Follow this comprehensive holistic approach and your furry friend will be with you for years to come

28 Stepping out Don’t have an off-leash park? Here’s how to find a safe place where your canine can roam free

30 Have a heart! These healthy recipes and supplements will help keep his ticker going strong

35 Enter our Amazing Animals Photo Contest Send us your best shots and you could win!

42 Getting better all the time! A look at the ten most significant advances in animal wellness over the past decade

50 Through Rover’s eyes Training dogs isn’t always straightforward – your path to success means understanding how the canine mind works

54 Top 10 animal-friendly cities Discover which urban centers are going out of their way to make life better for dogs and cats

60 Women making waves Meet ten pioneers of the holistic animal care industry

76 Crate craft You want your dog’s crate to be his safe haven, but accidents can happen if it’s not used properly

78 Blast from the past Celebrating ten years of Animal Wellness

82 Smart surgery Spaying and neutering do a lot more than reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats

86 For old bones How to help your creaky canine get around more easily

89 Fun facts about dogs and cats A kennel-full of canine and feline trivia

90 In the blood Feline anemia is a symptom, not a disease

94 Cat’s eye Your kitty’s peepers are a window on her well being

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